How far in advance do I need to buy my wedding dress?

Probably the most asked question from brides! Let’s face it after the other half has been chosen the dress is the next most important thing! The answer to this question will vary a bit and here is why!

  • Bridal shop owners are by nature problem solvers and want to help future brides as much as possible. If you call a shop and tell them your wedding is 4 months away, they will do their best to help you find a dress.
  • Some shops carry sale stock that you can take away on the day. Be sure to check the dress for any damage before purchasing. They will have been tried on by several potential brides before.
  • With the current pandemic, short timelines are becoming quite problematic. Potentially you’ll need to compromise on the designer or style if you have short timescales. Dresses that are handmade or made to measure take longer to produce. If you are looking at a high-end designer you need to give them time to make your dress!
  • Dress fittings and alterations also take time so this needs to be built into your timescales. 4-6 weeks is a good guide.
  • In an ideal world you should have your dress ordered 12 months before your wedding day. Couples usually secure their venue first and this helps them have a clear vision of their special day.  This in turn helps you to visualise your dream dress! Super organised brides can order dresses further in advance, it’s completely up to you. Remember most shops will not store your wedding dress for you due to space and insurance limits.
  • Finding your dress should be an amazing experience! Be sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy the process.

Top tip.

  • Go to Google, Instagram and Pinterest as these are great places to start your search. Shops will have websites that you can navigate to, to make appointments and find contact details.
  • Once you have ordered your wedding dress…. stop looking!