Visit to Lyn Ashworth HQ

I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Lyn Ashworth England HQ in Staffordshire.
I met with Sarah, owner and creative genius behind the Lyn Ashworth brand and the wonderful Daisy who supports the team of Lyn Ashworth stockists.
The beautiful boutique did not disappoint, but nothing could beat the gowns….oh the gowns. Every gown I looked at wowed me, not just for their beauty but the craftmanship that has gone into creating them – it was also clear after talking to Sarah that love is poured into each one too!
The Ellison Gray collection hung in the boutique with each gown side by side and it looked simply amazing! The perfect mixture of fabrics, skirts, necklines and detail. And let’s not forget the accessories that can transform every gown into a completely new option – cuffs, capes, jackets and sashes. I can not wait to show it to our brides in September. And I now have my eye on a few more gowns for later in the year…they will not disappoint I promise.
I had the opportunity to learn so much more about the gowns. How they are structured and crafted and why Lyn Ashworth is for every women….how they can be adapted to body shape, style and taste and bespoke detail added to create the perfect look for every bride.
I am so proud to be the exclusive stockist for the North East, to present these stunning gowns to you and work with the best of British that is Lyn Ashworth England!