What do I do when my dress has arrived at the shop?

Once your dress has arrived at the boutique it is time to arrange your fitting appointment.

This is the next exciting step in your special journey!

At Ellison Gray Bridal all our alterations are undertaken by Diane, Perfect Fit dressmaker, our amazing seamstress!

We have put together a list of everything you need to know about your fitting appointment. If we have missed something just give Caroline a call on 07443421254.

Fitting – all you need to know

  • How do I contact Diane to book? In your gift bag you will find Diane’s alterations leaflet. If you have misplaced it here is Diane’s number – 07967 646 084.
  • How long is a fitting appointment? Appointments are 30 minutes.
  • When are appointments available? Appointments are available on a Tuesday and a Sunday.
  • What do I need to bring with me for my fitting appointment? You will need to have your wedding shoes with you and if possible, the underwear you are planning to wear.
  • How long will alterations take? Alterations take between 2-4 weeks. Diane will confirm exact timescales at your first fitting and make your final fitting appointment.
  • Can I bring a guest? If you would like to bring a guest that is not a problem, only one guest can join you.
  • How do I pay for any alterations? A deposit of 50% for any alterations must be paid at your first fitting. The balance of 50% must be paid at your final fitting before you are able to take your dress home. Diane accepts cash or bank transfer.
  • Can I use someone else to do my alterations? If you wish to use another seamstress, you can collect your dress once full payment has been made and arrange alterative alterations. We do recommend you use Diane as she is a highly skilled dress maker and is experienced in alterations of bridal dresses. We accept no liable for damage to a dress once it has been collected from the boutique.

Taking your dress home and storage

  • Can my dress be stored at the boutique after my final fitting? Due to insurance restrictions we are unable to store dresses once final fittings have been completed. Once your final fitting is completed you must take your dress home.
  • Do I need a cover/bag for my dress? We supplier Ellison Gray Bridal dress bags free of charge to our beautiful brides!
  • How do I store my dress at home? You will take your dress in home in one of our bridal bags, use this bag when transporting your dress. Once home, take your dress out of the bag and hang it, from a height covered by a large duvet cover. Doing this will allow the dress to breath and reduce any creasing. Do not hang your dress in a bathroom to steam as this can cause water marking. When you arrive at your wedding venue hang your dress from a height as soon as possible.